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Elephants on the Run 

Cleaning Services LLC

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Don't worry about the mess; let the elephants do the rest. Worry no more because Elephants on the Run Cleaning Services LLC is here to help you. Our company offers professional expert cleaning services to homes, hospitals and business owners in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. We are known for our organic products in cleaning residences and offices, investment homes and providing industrial cleaning.

About Our Company

Elephants on the Run Cleaning Services LLC is a cleaning business started in the 1960s where our great great-great grandmother cleaned homes for years and we have decided to carry her legacy on in a different way.

If you ever saw a pack of elephants you will notice their ability to work together as a team. The matriarch leads our cleaning and other elephants follow her great leadership to make your home or business look amazing.

We will clean your home or business with our trunks using our organic products and other products of your choice. Our elephant crew are intelligent individuals who possess deep compassion and self-awareness of your needs for a clean home or office.

What We Offer


Franklin "Frankā€ teaches solidarity to the team. He is a United States Army Veteran Combat Engineer who served during the Gulf War, Desert Storm and the Invasion of Panama. He is experienced in all methods of clean-ups. His expertise is commercial and industrial cleaning including, steam vacuuming, buffing floors, cleaning windows, power washing and construction clean up etc.

Jennifer is the matriarch of the company, she leads the company with her knowledge with a MA in Management and Leadership, Masters of Philosophy & Management and Dr. Philosophy with a concentration on Leadership and Organizational Change. She ensures the company focus on the company's mission. She also, has all the organic cleaning recipes from her great-great-great grandparents.

Stanley-Has over 20 years in hospital cleaning. He has managed a janitorial team for over 20 years and knows all about the importance of ensuring a sanitary work environment. He is also, known for his fantastic floors.

JaNae -Is the Legal Liaison an ensures that we serve your needs in the terms agreed upon. She focuses on ensuring that we serve you and that we do not accept any cleaning jobs that we cannot handle. She is also the guru on organic cleaning products and loves to make her products with fresh fruits.

Jazzmyn - is our accountant and handles all transactions for payments. She also, is the 4th generation of experts in organic cleaning products. She is known for making a kitchen look brand new.

Jerrell Williams - United States Army Veteran is experienced in all aspects of cleaning. He is known for his inspection of all cleanings once completed by the team.


Our mission is to run a cleaning business that provides safe, decent and sanitary cleaning services to our customer's home. No home is left undone, no time is too late, no need to worry.


Our vision is to prosper the business by 1st making our customer happy, 2nd by bringing our great-great-great grandparents method of cleaning to a new century of cleaning.

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